At Blanking Associates, all of our surveyors are RICS qualified and Registered Valuers (part of the RICS Valuation Registration Scheme) ensuring that you recieve an impartial report, which is based on the highest professional, technical and ethical standards. 

We are experts in carrying out independent valuations for all types of purposes including private sales, shared ownership, help to buy, probate, and more.

Mortgage Valuations

When you buy a house and need a mortgage, your lender will commission a mortgage valuation. The valuation advises the lender of the value of a property and certain characteristics of the property, including significant defects which might affect its value as security for the proposed loan. 

We work with all different lenders and panel managers throughout East Anglia to deliver mortgage valuations for all types of properties for lending purposes. 

Please get in touch should we be able to help you. 

Help To Buy Valuations

If you have purchased your property with the Help to Buy scheme, then you’ll need an independent RICS qualified surveyor to provide a valuation of the property for you, in order to sell your home or simply repay the loan.

At Blanking Associates, all of our surveyors are RICS qualified and are highly experienced in providing fully compliant reports that meet all the criteria specified by Homes England.

The Government team should provide you with a Customer Information Pack, which is useful for anyone looking to redeem their loan, either by selling their property or paying off the loan in full.

Manage your Help to Buy: Equity Loan – GOV.UK (

Some requirements include:

  • The Valuer must be registered with the recognised qualification of RICS. 
  • The Valuer must be independent to an estate agent. 
  • The report must be on headed paper, signed by the RICS surveyor and addressed to Homes England. 
  • The Valuer MUST provide at least 3 comparable properties and sale prices. 
  • The Valuer must inspect the interior of the property and provide a full valuation report. 
  • Valuations carried out for bank or mortgage purposes are not acceptable 
  • A copy of the valuation report must be supplied to Homes England; the inspection date must be shown on the report.
What does the inspection involve and how long does it take?

The inspection will depend on the size of the property, however usually takes around 30 minutes. Our surveyor will need access into each room and the loft space, as well as the garage or any other outbuildings. 

When will I get the report?

After the inspection, your valuation report will be emailed to you within five working days, although is usually sent the next day.

If you have any questions regarding the report, please contact us before sending on.

How long is the report valid for?

You should be aware that the Help to Buy valuation report is only valid for three months, which is why it is important to act at the right time. We are here to help assist you throughout the whole process.  An up-to-date desktop valuation can however be provided for a further three months.

Housing Association and Shared Ownership Valuations

If you intend to buy a higher percentage of shares to the property (staircasing), or intend to sell your shared ownership home, you will need an independent RICS qualified surveyor to provide a valuation of the property for you.

At Blanking Associates, all of our surveyors are members of the RICS and are highly experienced in providing fully compliant valuation reports.


Inheritance Tax and Probate Valuations

When applying for probate, you will need to value the money, property and possessions of the person who has died.

At Blanking Associates, we can prepare inheritance tax (or probate) valuation reports which are in line with criteria – s.4 Inheritance Tax Act 1984 “on the death of any person tax shall be charged as if, immediately before his death, he had made a transfer of value and the value transferred by it had been equal to the value of his estate immediately before his death.”

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