Other services

At Blanking Associates, we offer an array of professional services to our clients in Essex, Suffolk and the surrounding areas. 

Some of our other services include commercial building surveys, schedules of condition and dilapidations, party wall matters, one off defect reports, property and lease advice, plus so much more.

Commercial building surveys

Our expert team here at Blanking Associates can provide all types of commercial building surveys and specific defect reports.

When taking instructions for any commercial building survey, we would initially discuss and review your particular circumstances and requirements, in order to be able to establish the level of advice required and whether this is in the context of an existing ownership, the purchase is of a freehold, the purchase a freehold with tenant insitu, etc. 

Due to the variety of advice needed, the cost will be specific down to the size, type and requirements needed.

Reinstatement costs (for insurance purposes)

It is important to have the reinstatement value of the property assessed frequently, and certainly if any significant alterations (such as an extension or loft conversion) are made to the property.

You can then ensure that if your home did incur any extensive damage you are covered for the correct amount and can repair or rebuild without financial worries. 

Other services

We also offer many other services, including:

  • One off defect reports – are you concerned about something in your home?
  • Schedule of condition 
  • Schedule of dilapidations
  • Party wall matters
  • Lease advice
  • Property advice
  • Bridging Loan Monitoring
  • Bank Monitoring
  • Project Management

Please get in touch if you need any more information or advice on any of the above services, or any
other matters.

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